Crazy Eddies GUI System  0.7.2
Porting from CEGUI 0.6.x to CEGUI 0.7.x
Paul D Turner

This page lists the major breaking changes, and other related changes, made to the library for the 0.7.x series of releases.

A small number of these changes are reversions of poorly considered and/or poorly implemented facilities added in the 0.6.x series. In most cases this removed functionality is believed largely unused or similar results achievable via previously existing facilities.
Also note that while attempts have been made to see that most of the major changes are listed on this page, it's entirely possible - even likely - that somewhere along the line some things have been missed out. In those cases, please visit the CEGUI forums.

Code organisation and structure

Windows specific and/or MSVC++ specific changes

Apple Mac specific and/or Xcode specific changes

CEGUI::System changes

Window and WindowRenderer factory registration changes

WindowManager changes

Window interface and/or behavioural changes.

WindowRenderer changes

Renderer interface changes and related items.

For people wanting an overview of the new renderer arrangements, perhaps prior to porting an existing renderer module (or if you're looking to writing a new one), please see An Overview of Renderer Model 2 (pdf)

Texture interface changes.

Font and FontManager changes

Image, Imageset and ImagesetManager changes

Scheme and SchemeManager changes

Events and input handling changes

Exception changes

Scripting and script module changes

XML Config file changes

Falagard WindowRenderer set changes