Crazy Eddies GUI System  0.7.8
List of authors and contributors

The following is a list of primary authors and contributors for Crazy Eddie's GUI System Mk-2.

Current CEGUI Core Team Members

Current CEGUI Tools Team Members

Retired or Semi-retired CEGUI Team Members

Main Contributors

The following have made large, important, or on-going contributions to the system (these people may have made additional contributions than those specifically mentioned):

Other Contributors

The following have contributed patches, bug reports, and other such valuable things...

Special Thanks

Everyone on the GameDev.Net forums who looked at earlier versions of the system and gave constructive criticism.

Everyone on the Ogre forums who encouraged the development of this Mk-2 version of the system.

Have We Missed You?

If you feel that we have missed you from some section of this list, then please contact us ( and let us know who you are and what you did, and we'll correct the mistake as soon as possible.