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Planned and Considered Future Changes
Paul D Turner

This page lists some of the changes we are either intending to make or are just considering making for future releases of CEGUI. This page is not supposed to be a definite roadmap document, rather it's just a 'whiteboard' of some thoughts and ideas that originated either internally or via the community. If you'd like to suggest, discuss or otherwise comment on anything on this page please visit the CEGUI Library Development Discussion forum.

Changes for the short term

  • Further tuning and refinement of new rendering systems.
  • Various enhancements to the Falagard skinning system (to be detailed elsewhere some time soon!)
  • Refactoring cleanup and other enhancements to the samples framework.

Changes for the long term

  • Full, extendable and configurable keyboard interface for windows and widgets.
  • Single unified listbox to replace current Listbox, MultiColumnList and ItemListbox classes.
  • Replacement Tree widget.
  • Replace current input injection interface, supporting a more flexible approach to event injection and also, hopefully, bring support for other types of input device besides the usual keyboard and mouse (such as touchscreen / multitouch style input systems).