Crazy Eddies GUI System  0.6.0
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CEGUI::Config_xmlHandler Class Reference

Handler class used to parse the Configuration XML file. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Config_xmlHandler (void)
 Constructor for GUILayout_xmlHandler objects.
virtual ~Config_xmlHandler (void)
 Destructor for GUILayout_xmlHandler objects.
virtual void elementStart (const String &element, const XMLAttributes &attributes)
 document processing (only care about elements, schema validates format)
const StringgetLogFilename (void) const
 Return log filename.
const StringgetSchemeFilename (void) const
 Return initial scheme filename to load.
const StringgetLayoutFilename (void) const
 Return initial layout filename to load and set as the GUI sheet.
const StringgetInitScriptFilename (void) const
 Return the name of the initialisation script to run.
const StringgetTermScriptFilename (void) const
 Return the name of the termination script to run.
const StringgetDefaultFontName (void) const
 Return name of font to use as default.
const StringgetDefaultResourceGroup (void) const
 Return name of default resource group.
LoggingLevel getLoggingLevel (void) const
 Return logging level which was read from the config file.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CEGUI::XMLHandler
 XMLHandler (void)
 XMLHandler base class constructor.
virtual ~XMLHandler (void)
 XMLHandler base class destructor.
virtual void elementEnd (const String &element)
 Method called to notify the handler at the end of each XML element encountered. More...
virtual void text (const String &text)
 Method called to notify text node, several successiv text node are agregated. More...

Detailed Description

Handler class used to parse the Configuration XML file.