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WidgetFadeTask Class Reference
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Public Types

enum  eFadeDirection { FADEDIR_IN = 0, FADEDIR_OUT = 1 }

Public Member Functions

enum WidgetFadeTask::eFadeDirection WidgetFadeTask (Window *widget, eFadeDirection fadedir, float targetalpha, bool destroy=true)
virtual bool run (float elapsed)

Protected Attributes

eFadeDirection d_fadeDirection
 Dictates which direction we are fading (in or out)
float d_targetAlpha
 What alpha are we fading to/from?
Window * d_widget
 what widget are we affecting?
- Protected Attributes inherited from Task
bool d_destroyOnComplete
 Does this task destory itself once it completes?

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool WidgetFadeTask::run ( float  elapsed)

Overridden from base task class – Does the actual fading on the window.

elapsedAmount of time since the last frame update
True on success

Implements Task.