Crazy Eddies GUI System  0.7.2
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CEGUI::TinyXMLParser Class Reference

Implementation of XMLParser using TinyXML. More...

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Public Member Functions

void parseXMLFile (XMLHandler &handler, const String &filename, const String &schemaName, const String &resourceGroup)
 abstract method which initiates parsing of an XML file. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from CEGUI::XMLParser
 XMLParser (void)
 XMLParser base class constructor.
virtual ~XMLParser (void)
 XMLParser base class destructor.
bool initialise (void)
 Initialises the XMLParser module ready for use. More...
void cleanup (void)
 Cleans up the XMLParser module after use. More...
const StringgetIdentifierString () const
 Return identification string for the XML parser module. If the internal id string has not been set by the XML parser module creator, a generic string of "Unknown XML parser" will be returned. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from CEGUI::PropertySet
 PropertySet (void)
 Constructs a new PropertySet object.
virtual ~PropertySet (void)
 Destructor for PropertySet objects.
void addProperty (Property *property)
 Adds a new Property to the PropertySet. More...
void removeProperty (const String &name)
 Removes a Property from the PropertySet. More...
void clearProperties (void)
 Removes all Property objects from the PropertySet. More...
bool isPropertyPresent (const String &name) const
 Checks to see if a Property with the given name is in the PropertySet. More...
const StringgetPropertyHelp (const String &name) const
 Return the help text for the specified Property. More...
String getProperty (const String &name) const
 Gets the current value of the specified Property. More...
void setProperty (const String &name, const String &value)
 Sets the current value of a Property. More...
bool isPropertyDefault (const String &name) const
 Returns whether a Property is at it's default value. More...
String getPropertyDefault (const String &name) const
 Returns the default value of a Property as a String. More...
Iterator getIterator (void) const
 Return a PropertySet::Iterator object to iterate over the available Properties.

Protected Member Functions

bool initialiseImpl (void)
 abstract method which initialises the XMLParser ready for use. More...
void cleanupImpl (void)
 abstract method which cleans up the XMLParser after use. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CEGUI::PropertySet
typedef ConstBaseIterator
< PropertyRegistry > 
- Protected Attributes inherited from CEGUI::XMLParser
String d_identifierString
 String that holds some id information about the module.

Detailed Description

Implementation of XMLParser using TinyXML.

Member Function Documentation

void CEGUI::TinyXMLParser::cleanupImpl ( void  )

abstract method which cleans up the XMLParser after use.


Implements CEGUI::XMLParser.

bool CEGUI::TinyXMLParser::initialiseImpl ( void  )

abstract method which initialises the XMLParser ready for use.

  • true if the module initialised successfully.
  • false if the module initialisation failed.

Implements CEGUI::XMLParser.

void CEGUI::TinyXMLParser::parseXMLFile ( XMLHandler handler,
const String filename,
const String schemaName,
const String resourceGroup 

abstract method which initiates parsing of an XML file.

handlerXMLHandler based object which will process the XML elements.
filenameString object holding the filename of the XML file to be parsed.
schemaNameString object holding the name of the XML schema file to use for validating the XML. Note that whether this is used or not is dependant upon the XMLParser in use.
resourceGroupString object holding the resource group identifier which will be passed to the ResourceProvider when loading the XML and schema files.

Implements CEGUI::XMLParser.