Crazy Eddie's GUI System  0.8.6
Obtaining the code
Paul D Turner

CEGUI is presently available in source code form only. You can either download a release archive package or clone the code from the mercurial repository at (both unstable default branch and stable branch code available).

There are no current plans to provide precompiled binary versions of the library. Things go much more smoothly when you compile everything yourself on the same system - this cuts down hugely on configuration mismatches and generally prevents many of the common user errors we have encountered multiple times over the years.

All released packages are made available through the file release network of mirrors, and you can browse the available releases by visiting:

For an alternative view of these packages, you might like to visit the CEGUIWiki main download page here:

Stable Release Source Packages

Source code from the stable mercurial branch is released at various points in time and made available as source code packages.

The current and previous releases are available here:

The content of these archives (.zip, .tar.gz) is identical, multiple archive types are provided merely as a convenience.

Dependency Package for Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X

In order to make life simpler for Windows and OS X developers, we provide a package containing the source code for the dependency libraries that CEGUI uses. For more information about this, including build information, please refer to Obtaining and Building the Dependencies (Windows and OS X)

The current package is available here:

Mercurial Source Code Repository

The source code for CEGUI is kept in a mercurial repositiory at We also have the code repositories for other CEGUI related items hosted at bitbucket; the repository for the main CEGUI libraries is named 'cegui'.

Within this repository, we maintain the main unstable code (as the default branch) and secondary branches for the current API stable and ABI stable releases (which are v0 and v0-8 respectively as of this writing), older branches are considered obsolete as newer stable code branches are created, although the older branches are still accessible for those who want or need that older code.

To obtain a copy of the code from mercurial, you might use the following commands (or thier equivalent, if you use a GUI based mercurial client)

hg clone cegui-source

Once you have this, the cloned repository is updated to the default (unstable) code, so you most likely will want to switch to the API stable branch instead (be aware that the -C option here will discard any local file changes without additional warning):

hg update -C v0

You can also browse the repository from your web browser here: