Crazy Eddie's GUI System  0.8.7
CEGUI::IrrlichtEventPusher Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 IrrlichtEventPusher (irr::gui::ICursorControl *ctrl)
bool OnEvent (const SEvent &event)
bool OnKeyDown (EKEY_CODE key, wchar_t wch, bool, bool)
bool OnKeyUp (EKEY_CODE key, wchar_t, bool, bool)
bool OnMouse (s32 x, s32 y, f32 w, EMOUSE_INPUT_EVENT e)
CEGUI::Key::Scan getKeyCode (irr::EKEY_CODE kc) const

Protected Member Functions

void initCodes ()

Protected Attributes

CEGUI::Key::Scan irr2ceCODE [irr::KEY_KEY_CODES_COUNT]

Member Function Documentation

CEGUI::Key::Scan CEGUI::IrrlichtEventPusher::getKeyCode ( irr::EKEY_CODE  kc) const

translate the irrlicht keycode to cegui keycode

kcthe irrlicht keycode
the cegui keycode
bool CEGUI::IrrlichtEventPusher::OnMouse ( s32  x,
s32  y,
f32  w,

Left mouse button was pressed down.

Right mouse button was pressed down.

Middle mouse button was pressed down.

Left mouse button was left up.

Right mouse button was left up.

Middle mouse button was left up.

The mouse cursor changed its position.

The mouse wheel was moved. Use Wheel value in event data to find out in what direction and how fast.

References CEGUI::System::getSingleton(), CEGUI::GUIContext::injectMouseButtonDown(), CEGUI::GUIContext::injectMouseButtonUp(), CEGUI::GUIContext::injectMousePosition(), CEGUI::GUIContext::injectMouseWheelChange(), CEGUI::LeftButton, CEGUI::MiddleButton, and CEGUI::RightButton.