Crazy Eddie's GUI System  0.8.7
CEGUI::Size< T > Class Template Reference

Class that holds the size (width & height) of something. More...

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Public Types

typedef T value_type

Public Member Functions

 Size (const T width, const T height)
 Size (const Size &v)
bool operator== (const Size &other) const
bool operator!= (const Size &other) const
Size operator* (const T c) const
Size operator* (const Size &s) const
Size operator* (const Vector2f &vec) const
Size operator+ (const Size &s) const
Size operator- (const Size &s) const
void clamp (const Size &min, const Size &max)
void scaleToAspect (AspectMode mode, T ratio)

Static Public Member Functions

static Size square (const T side)
 finger saving alias for Size(side, side)
static Size zero ()
 finger saving alias for Size(0, 0)
static Size one ()
 finger saving alias for Size(1, 1)
static Size one_width ()
 finger saving alias for Size(1, 0)
static Size one_height ()
 finger saving alias for Size(0, 1)

Public Attributes



std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &s, const Size &v)
 allows writing the size to std ostream

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class CEGUI::Size< T >

Class that holds the size (width & height) of something.