Crazy Eddies GUI System  0.7.2
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CEGUI::FalagardScrollablePane Class Reference

ScrollablePane class for the FalagardBase module. More...

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Public Member Functions

 FalagardScrollablePane (const String &type)
 type name for this widget. More...
void render ()
 Populate render cache. More...
Rect getViewableArea (void) const
 Return a Rect that described the pane's viewable area, relative to this Window, in pixels. More...
Rect getUnclippedInnerRect () const
 Get unclipped inner rectangle that our window should return from its member function with the same name.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CEGUI::ScrollablePaneWindowRenderer
 ScrollablePaneWindowRenderer (const String &name)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CEGUI::WindowRenderer
 WindowRenderer (const String &name, const String &class_name="Window")
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~WindowRenderer ()
const StringgetName () const
 Returns the factory type name of this window renderer.
WindowgetWindow () const
 Get the window this windowrenderer is attached to.
const StringgetClass () const
 Get the "minimum" Window class this renderer requires.
const WidgetLookFeelgetLookNFeel () const
 Get the Look'N'Feel assigned to our window.
virtual void performChildWindowLayout ()
 Method called to perform extended laying out of the window's attached child windows.
virtual void getRenderingContext (RenderingContext &ctx) const
 update the RenderingContext as needed for our window. This is normally invoked via our window's member function with the same name.
virtual void update (float)
 perform any time based updates for this WindowRenderer.

Static Public Attributes

static const utf8 TypeName []

Protected Member Functions

void onLookNFeelAssigned ()
 Handler called when a Look'N'Feel is assigned to our window.
void onLookNFeelUnassigned ()
 Handler called when a Look'N'Feel is removed/unassigned from our window.

Protected Attributes

bool d_widgetLookAssigned
 flag whether target window has looknfeel assigned yet.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from CEGUI::WindowRenderer
typedef std::pair< Property
*, bool > 
 type used for entries in the PropertyList.
typedef std::vector
< PropertyEntry
 type to use for the property list.

Detailed Description

ScrollablePane class for the FalagardBase module.

This class requires LookNFeel to be assigned. The LookNFeel should provide the following:


Named Areas:

Child Widgets: Scrollbar based widget with name suffix "__auto_vscrollbar__" Scrollbar based widget with name suffix "__auto_hscrollbar__"

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CEGUI::FalagardScrollablePane::FalagardScrollablePane ( const String type)

type name for this widget.


Member Function Documentation

Rect CEGUI::FalagardScrollablePane::getViewableArea ( void  ) const

Return a Rect that described the pane's viewable area, relative to this Window, in pixels.

Rect object describing the ScrollablePane's viewable area.

Implements CEGUI::ScrollablePaneWindowRenderer.

void CEGUI::FalagardScrollablePane::render ( )

Populate render cache.

This method must be implemented by all window renderers and should perform the rendering operations needed for this widget. Normally using the Falagard API...

Implements CEGUI::WindowRenderer.