Crazy Eddie's GUI System  0.8.4
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CEGUI::Direct3D9RenderTarget< T > Class Template Reference

Intermediate Direct3D9 implementation of a RenderTarget. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Direct3D9RenderTarget (Direct3D9Renderer &owner)
void draw (const GeometryBuffer &buffer)
void draw (const RenderQueue &queue)
void setArea (const Rectf &area)
const RectfgetArea () const
void activate ()
void deactivate ()
void unprojectPoint (const GeometryBuffer &buff, const Vector2f &p_in, Vector2f &p_out) const

Protected Member Functions

void updateMatrix () const
 helper that initialises the cached matrix
void setupViewport (D3DVIEWPORT9 &vp) const
 helper to initialise the D3DVIEWPORT9 vp for this target.

Protected Attributes

 Direct3D9Renderer that created this object.
 Direct3DDevice9 interface obtained from our owner.
Rectf d_area
 holds defined area for the RenderTarget
D3DXMATRIX d_matrix
 projection / view matrix cache
bool d_matrixValid
 true when d_matrix is valid and up to date
float d_viewDistance
 tracks viewing distance (this is set up at the same time as d_matrix)

Detailed Description

template<typename T = RenderTarget>
class CEGUI::Direct3D9RenderTarget< T >

Intermediate Direct3D9 implementation of a RenderTarget.