Crazy Eddie's GUI System  0.8.6
CEGUI::EventLinkDefinition Class Reference
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Public Types

typedef ConstVectorIterator< LinkTargetCollectionLinkTargetIterator

Public Member Functions

 EventLinkDefinition (const String &event_name)
void addLinkTarget (const String &widget, const String &event)
 add a new link target to event on widget (name).
void clearLinkTargets ()
 clear all link targets from this link definition.
void initialiseWidget (Window &window) const
 initialise window with an event link as specified here.
void cleanUpWidget (Window &window) const
 clean this event from window.
void setName (const String &name)
const StringgetName () const
 return the name of the Event defined here.
LinkTargetIterator getLinkTargetIterator () const

Protected Types

typedef std::pair< String, StringStringPair
typedef std::vector< StringPair CEGUI_VECTOR_ALLOC(StringPair)> LinkTargetCollection
 type used for the collection of target events.

Protected Member Functions

WindowgetTargetWindow (Window &start_wnd, const String &name) const
 Return a pointer to the target window with the given name.

Protected Attributes

String d_eventName
 String holding the name of the event being defined.
LinkTargetCollection d_targets
 collection of targets for this EventLinkDefinition.