Crazy Eddie's GUI System  0.8.6
CEGUI::FalagardXMLHelper< DimensionType > Class Template Reference
+ Collaboration diagram for CEGUI::FalagardXMLHelper< DimensionType >:

Public Types

typedef DimensionType return_type
typedef DimensionType pass_type

Static Public Member Functions

static String toString (pass_type val)
static return_type fromString (const String &str)

Static Public Attributes

static const CEGUI::String LeftEdge
 Definitions of the possible values represented as Strings.
static const CEGUI::String RightEdge
static const CEGUI::String BottomEdge
static const CEGUI::String TopEdge
static const CEGUI::String XPosition
static const CEGUI::String YPosition
static const CEGUI::String Width
static const CEGUI::String Height
static const CEGUI::String XOffset
static const CEGUI::String YOffset
static const CEGUI::String Invalid