ImageLoaderManager Class Reference

Manage the list of all supported ImageLoader. More...

#include <SILLYImageLoaderManager.h>

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Public Member Functions

void add (ImageLoader *loader)
 Register an ImageLoader object.
ImageLoaderList::iterator begin ()
 Get an iterator to the first ImageLoader registered.
ImageLoaderList::iterator end ()
 Get an iterator to the first not registered ImageLoader.
 ImageLoaderManager ()
 ~ImageLoaderManager ()

Static Public Member Functions

static ImageLoaderManagergetSingleton ()
static ImageLoaderManagergetSingletonPtr ()

Detailed Description

Manage the list of all supported ImageLoader.

Definition at line 56 of file SILLYImageLoaderManager.h.

Member Function Documentation

void add ( ImageLoader loader  )  [inline]

Register an ImageLoader object.

loader a pointer to an image loader object

Definition at line 55 of file SILLYImageLoaderManager.icpp.

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