Simple Image Loading LibrarY Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
DataSourceThis is an abstract class used to provide data to the loader
FileDataSourceThis class allow the loading of an image directly from a file
ImageImage is the main user class of the library
ImageContextStore the data needed by an ImageLoader object during the parsing of an image
ImageLoaderThis is an abstract class that define the interface of all image loader
ImageLoaderManagerManage the list of all supported ImageLoader
JPGImageContextImage Context for JPG image loader
JPGImageLoaderLoader class for JPG Image
MemoryDataSourceLoad an image from a memory area
PNGImageContextImage Context for PNG Image Loader
PNGImageLoaderLoader for PNG Image
TGAImageContextImage Context for Targa image
TGAImageLoaderLoader for Targa image

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